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Norman Island

The reputed locale of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, the uninhabited island's main anchorage is The Bight.

Pelican Island and the Indians

Located near The Bight, they offer good snorkeling and scuba diving.

Deadman's Bay

On the eastern tip of Peter Island, this takes only an hour or two to reach from by sail from Road Town. The Peter Island Yacht Club has a long white sand beach. Yachtsmen are requested to anchor in the Bay's extreme southeastern corner. The area is prone to a swell, especially in the winter months.

Salt Island

Heading upwind from Deadman's Bay is Salt Island, once a regular stopping point for vessels needing salt for food preservation. This is also the location of the BVI's famed Wreck of the Rhone, which sank off the island during a hurricane in 1867. At Lee Bay, just north of the Rhone, moorings are provided for divers visiting the wreck. Both Lee Bay and Salt Pond Bay off the settlement can be rough anchorages. They're recommended for day use only.

Cooper Island

Manchineel Bay, located on the island's northwest shore, is a favored lunch stop on sails to Virgin Gorda. It has a dock for dinghies and a beach for swimming. The Cooper Island Beach Bar serves lunch, dinner and drinks.

Around Virgin Gorda

The Virgin Gorda Baths

One of the BVI's most famous landmarks is situated on the southwestern shore of Virgin Gorda. The Baths randomly placed large granite boulders form small grottoes and pools on the beach's edge. As with all these north shore anchorages, a swell can prevent overnight anchoring.

North Sound

This area offers a wide array of overnight anchorages, and a variety of dining spots. The Sound itself is found along the eastern tip of the island and is well protected by surrounding islands, including Mosquito, Prickly Pear and Eustasia. Boats over 5 feet in draft should use the Sound's northern entrance at Calquhoun Reef; shallow drafts can use the Anguilla Point entrance in calm weather only.

The Dogs

A good stopping off point for those on their way from North Sound to Jost Van Dyke. The Dogs are also a popular dive site. On calm days, the best anchorages are the bays to the west of Kitchen Point on George Dog, as well as on the south side of Great Dog.

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