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Tortola Snorkel Sites

The most popular snorkel sites are just a short boat ride from Road Town, Tototla.

Remember, snorkelers always have a better experience on a trip designed just for them vs. a dive trip where snorkelers are simply tag-alongs.

While there are lots of fish at many of these sites, the visibility isn't as good as Cozumel, Bonaire or other popular dive destinations. But unless you're an underwater photographer, so what?

The Caves at Norman Island: The caves off Norman ("Treasure") Island , where gold coins supposedly were once found, are filled with a more reliable treasure, a storehouse of glassy sweepers and sergeant majors. The curtain of fish can be incredibly dense and thick.

The Indians: Close to both Peter and Norman Islands, this long-popular site has 4 large rock pinnacles rising 50 feet from the ocean floor, forming many good regions for shallow snorkeling. A cave here is filled with copper sweepers.

Blonde Rock: A pinnacle between Dead Chest and Salt Island that rises to within 15 feet of the surface from the 60-foot bottom. On good days the rock ledges, overhangs and tunnels are home to hordes of reef fish.

Santa Monica Rock: A pinnacle, like Blonde Rock, that's on the outer edge of the island chain, which makes it a good place to spot deep water fish like spotted eagle rays. The pinnacle itself starts at 100 feet and rises to within 10 feet of the surface.

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