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This low-lying island contains many surprises, good and bad.

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To reach Anegada
, take an early ferry or a commuter plane for a full day's outing or to stay overnight.

Little-known Anegada is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands. Anegada is no volcanic upstart like other nearby impetuous land masses we could name, Anegada is a large coral midden that grew gradually from the ocean floor. Madse entirely of coral, Anegaeda is amazingly flat.

The water around Anegada is extremely colorful, varying from turquioise to an almost bright white in the shallows. The Anegada north coast offers almost 20 miles of white sand beaches, one of the longest unbroken beach walks in the Caribbean.

But Anegada's north coast also lacks lacks any shade, so come to this section of Anegada properly prepared and with lots of liquids (especially water).

Besides its fabulous beach, Anegada is a good place to charter a shallow water flats boat and guide to go bonefishing.


Bonefish caught on pink lure

If you want bigger game, head to deep water to fight heavyweight brutes like marlin, tuna, wahoo. While tuna and wahoo make good eating--and are not especialy threatened--there is no excuse to keeping a blue marlin, whose numbers are declining.

Or take a taxi to one of the Anegada beach bars with a good beach and enjoy a lunch of lobster or conch. Accompany your lunch with a Red Stripe or Carib or maybe a cocktail made from the local rum.

For a detailed road map of Anegada, click here.

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