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Dive Sites

Wrecks and rocks are a good way to characterize BVI diving.

The BVIs underwater lack the typical Caribbean reef formations because of the many huge volcanic rocks on the bottom. So instead of the corals creating their own formations, the corals and sponges both adhere to the boulders.

These encrusting creatures provide a lively decoration to the huge formations and long spiraling tunnels.  

For a photographer, the BVI's are likely to be more of a  macro place than a location for scenic seascapes, with the exception of the famed wreck of the Rhone. The reason for concentrating on closeups?

Water clarity can be subpar and prevent spectacular wide angle shots like those in Bonaire or Little Cayman.

But that doesn't mean BVI diving is bad. In several ways it is ideal with protected waters in many places, an unusual bottom topography and a number of excellent wrecks.

This impressive list of dive sites should remove any doubts.

Salt Island
Rhone Wreck
Rhone Reef

Ginger Island
Alices Wonderland
Ginger Steps

Norman Island
Angelfish Reef
Brown Pants
Ringdove Rock
Santa Monica Rock
Spyglass Wall
The Caves

Peter Island
Black Forest
Carrot Shoal
Rhone Anchor
Shark Point
The Fearless

Round Rock
The Indians

Green Cay
The Playground

Dead Chest
Blonde Rock

Cooper Island
Blue Chromis Reef
Carvel Rock
Cistern Point
Devil's Kitchen
Dry Rocks East
Inganess Bay
Marie L, Pat, and Beata
Thumb Rock (Red Bluff Point)
Vanishing Rock (Dry Rocks East)

Fallen Jerusalem National Park

Guana Island
Grand Central
Time Square

West Dog
Joe's Cave
Wall to Wall

Great Dog
Coral Gardens (Aeroplane Wreck)
The Chimney

George Dog
Bronco Billy's
The Visibles

Little Jost Van Dyke
Twin Towers

Great Tobago
Twin Towers
Watson Rock

Brewer's Bay East
Brewers Bay Pinnacles
Brewers Bay West
Painted Walls
Round Rock

Pelican Island
Rainbow Canyons

West Seal Dog
Seal Dog

Virgin Gorda
The Chikuzen

Wreck of The Parmatta