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Top Chefs' Recipes Run the Gamut

The majority of these Aruba recipes from Aruba's top restaurants seem to be primarily from chefs raised and/or trained elsewhere, particularly in the Netherlands and South America.

Aruba's dining opportunities are more varied than the following recipes reflect since I've tried to keep a Caribbean connection as much as possible. But not all the time.

These recipes should be of particular interest to a foodie seeking a Caribbean island with exceptional dining, a past visitor to Aruba wanting more island flavor, or stay-at-home cooks wanting to savor some truly outstanding dishes.

A Taste of Italy
Spaghetti with Seafood & Livorno Style Minestrone Soup by Chef  Vittorio Muscariello of the Hostaria da Vittorio Restaurant.

Aruban Goat Stew
By by Chef Dan Barros of the Gasparito Restaurant, known for its authentic Aruban dishes.

Seafood Soup & Meat Marinade
Two recipes by Chef Frank (Boeli) Booi, Jr., of Le Petit Cafe, one of the few 100% Aruban pwned restaurants still on the island.  

Seafood Recipe Trilogy
Fish Soup, Crab Cakes and Shrimp Croquettes by Chef Gerben de Lange of Fishes and More.

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