How to Make a Mojito
Mojitos require a light approach
to avoid breaking your glasses

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How to Make Mojitos
For One or For a Crowd

Here are the items you need to make proper mojitos:

For one person

1) Tall 12-oz or 16-oz glasses, sometimes called Tom Collins glasses. The size depends on how much soda you add.

2) A muddler, a device to break apart the mint leaves without pulverizing them to release their flavor. Muddlers, which range from 8-10 inches in length, are made from wood or stainless steel.

A muddler makes life easier when you're making a batch of mojitos. For just one, you can use the back of a spoon to gently pulverize the leaves.

For a crowd

3) A sturdy glass bowl to muddle a batch of mint leaves for a party.

4) Shaker glass for mixing in quantity

5) Glass pitcher so everyone can pour their own