Cayman Islands Arrival Briefing
Part 2

Grand Cayman doesn't have to be expensive. You'll find many types of accommodations.

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Where to Stay:
Grand Cayman can be a very expensive island and has sometimes been referred to by shocked tourists as ?Grand-a-Day Cayman.? However, the hotels are some of the Caribbean 's most varied. They can be broken down into four main categories:

 Luxury Hotels: The Four Seasons will rank at the top of the list, followed by the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman and Westin Casuarina Resort.

 Condominiums and villas: This is a popular family choice because the kitchen facilities can save considerable money. These are also a favorite for people who want privacy and don't like having to go out for every meal. There is a wide choice to select from, both on and off the beach, and in all price ranges. Check here for descriptions and contact information.

Inexpensive Hotels/Guest Houses: These are among the least expensive choices, realizing that nothing in Grand Cayman is truly cheap.

Camping: Not permitted anywhere.

Safety/Health Warnings: Because so much of the area is lowlands and not far from mangroves, carry insect repellent any time you're in the bush. Beware the Maidenplum, a bush that resembles the North American sumac. It can cause painful skin blisters if the sap touches your skin. The traffic in and out of George Town during the morning and evening rush hours is something to behold. The drivers are generally polite and helpful, but avoid the downtown area then if possible.

Anti-litter Ordinance: Possible fine of up to CI$500 for the slightest offense on either public or private property.

Hiking/Walking Services: The National Trust for the Cayman Islands will provide a guide for the Mastic Trail, which the trust owns. Trail reservations are made at 345/949-1996. Email queries to ntrust@candw.ky . You can hike this trail on your own since it is open to the public during daylight. Otherwise, you're on your own, but it's easy to find your way around on any of the islands.

Snakes & Other Venomous Creatures: None.

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