Little Cayman

The Caribbean's wall of walls starts
in only 18 feet of water, at Bloody Bay.

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Diving Little Cayman

Little Cayman has what many consider to be the Caribbean's finest wall diving, bar none. It is located at Bloody Bay and Jackson's Reef and Wall, where the dropoff begins at an incredibly shallow 18 feet, then drops quickly to 1,200.

On Little Cayman, every type of Caribbean coral and sponge you've ever wanted to see thrives in Bloody Bay, lots of them, in all colors and sizes and all in superb condition.

Many professional underwater photographers try to visit here at least once a year to shoot canister after canister of film, something so always easy to do considering the shallow conditions.   

The top of the wall typically is composed of hard corals and sponges and lots of diver-friendly fish right on the edge. The steep wall itself is characterized by small caves and ledges along what is otherwise an amazingly smooth surface.

One spot known as the Mixing Bowl is a photographer's dream, with quite a few grouper, triggerfish and horse-eye jacks always ready to pose.

 If the pace of life on the Brac is slow, Little Cayman offers the ultimate in total relaxation, with a snooze between dives in a hammock the most popular pastime. It's to make up for all the diving activity that goes on both night and day.

A 7-mile wide channel separates Little Cayman from the Brac, a jaunt short enough that boats often slip over here whenever the seas are calm. Why make the trip over when you can stay on Little Cayman?

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