Getting Married
in Cozumel

Some of these health concerns are really out of date for tourists.

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Cozumel Marriage License Requirements

Cozumel is not the easiest island to ne married on. And its fees are among the highest. The health reports needed make this experience a real chore:


None specified although some of the paperwork demands a stay of 3-4 days unless an onsite wedding planner can cut the time. . (See Cozumel Wedding Packages.)

All documents must be presented 72 hours in advance.

Required Documents

1) Blood test which includes HIV, RPR (sexually transmitted diseases) and blood type. If taken in Cozumel, you should be able to obtain the medical certificate in one day.

If the blood test is taken out of the country, the test must be conducted within 20 days of the wedding and verification of the tests must be made by a Mexican doctor.

2) Original passport or birth certificate with apostille from secretary of state at which the certificate is registered. Birth certificate must be accompanied with a valid government issued photo ID with matching name.

3) Copy of tourist card stamped by the Immigration Officer upon your arrival in Mexico. .

4) Divorce certificate (original) in the event either party was previously married.

5) Four witnesses required. All must be above the age of 18.
Mexican nationals will need a copy of their official I.D.
American citizens will need a copy of their tourist card and I.D.

6) Fees are $350 for marriage license and judge's services.

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