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What is ANOATT?
Cozumel Dive Operators

ANOAAT is the Cozumel water sports association that promotes safe diving and reef preservation.

It's for title is the Asociación Nacional de Operadores de  Actividades Acuáticas y Turísticas, which roughly translates  as the National Association of Operators of Aquatic and Tourist Activities).

ANOAAT supports the National Marine Park "Arrecifes de Cozumel," which charges users US$2 to help support preservation efforts.

Cozumel has about 50 diver operators of varying size and sophistication. Not all are ANOATT members. We've listed the initials by those that are.

Cozumel Dive Operators



Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-06-40
Fax 011-52-987-857-08-97
E-Mail: anoaat@prodigy.net.mx

Aldora Divers

Calle 5 Sur No. 37, Por Rafael E. Melgar Y 5a Avenida Sur.
Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-33-97
Fax 011-52-987-87-2-40-48

E-mail: frontdesk@aldora.com
Web: www.aldora.com


Aqua Safari

Rafael E. Melgar entre 5 y 7 sur No. 429

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-01-01
Fax 011-52-987-87-2-06-61

E-mail: dive@aquasafari.com
Web: www.aquasafari.com


Aqua World

Carretera Costera Sur. Loc. A km. 3.7 Playa Paraíso Zona Hotelera.
Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-12-10
Fax 011-52-987-87-2-12-10

E-mail: salesczm@aquaworld.com.mx

Web: www.aquaworld.com.mx


Black Shark

5a. Avenida Sur No. 231, Zona Centro

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-56-57
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-56-57
E-mail: info@blackshark.net
Web: www.blackshark.net


Blue Angel Divers

Carretera Coztera Sur Km. 2.3
Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-16-31

E-mail: cozumel@blueangel-scuba.com
Web: www.blueangel-scuba.com


Blue Bubble Divers
Calle 3 Sur No. 33 Entre Rafael
E. Melgar y 5b Avenida.
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-18-65

E-mail: info@bluebubble.com

Web: www.bluebubble.com


Blue Note

Calle 2 Norte Sin Numero Entre Av. 40 Y 45 Norte Col. 10 De Abr.

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-03-12
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-03-12

E-mail: cozumel@bluenote.com.mx

Web: www.bluenote.com.mx


Blue Note Scuba

P.O. Box 555 Cozumel, Q. Roo 77600

Tel. 011-52-987-872-17-27

E-mail: info@corinnelambert.com

Web: www.bluenotescuba.com


Caballito del Caribe
Medina 5a. Avenida Sur No. 100, Entre 5 y 7

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-14-49
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-14-49

E-mail: caballitocozumel@prodigy.net.mx

Web: www.seahorsecozumel.com


Caribbean Divers S.A. de C.V.
5a Avenida Entre Adolfo Rosado Salas y Calle 3 Sur
Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-10-80; 011-52-987-87-2-11-45
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-14-26
E-mail: cdivers@prodigy.net.mx

Web: www.caribbeandiverscozumel.com


Cozumel Equalizers

11 Ave. #101 Edificio Portales
Tel. 011-52-987-87-8-43-70.
E-mail: info@cozumelequalizers.com
Web: www.cozumelequalizers.com


Cozumel Sports
Calle 65 bis #281
Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-67-26

E-mail: eduardo@cozumelsports.com

Web: www.cozumelsports.com


Deep Blue

Adolfo Rosado Salas No. 200, y 10a Avenida

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-56-53
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-56-53

E-mail: deepblue@cozumel.com.mx
Web: www.deepbluecozumel.com


Del Mar Acuatics

Costera Sur Km. 4, Carretera A Chankanaab

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-59-49
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-59-49

E-mail: delmaraq@prodigy.net.mx
Web: www.delmaracuatics.net


Deportes Acuáticos
Calle 21 sur esq. Con 20 Ave.

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-06-40

E-mail: scubacoz@scubacozumel.com
Web: www.scubacozumel.com


Dive House

Calle 1a sur # 58

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-19-53 Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-30-68

E-mail: dive@divehouse.com
Web: www.divehouse.com


Dive Palancar

Carretera San Francisco Palancar Km. 16.5 Inte Hotel Diamod

Tel. 011-52-98 7-87-2-97-70
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-50-94

E-mail: divepal@prodigy.net.mx


Dive Paradise

Calle 5 entre 5a Ave, y Rafael E. Melgar

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-51-61

Fax 011-52-987-87-2-10-61

E-mail: info@diveparadise.com
Web: www.diveparadise.com


Dive with Martin

Carretera Costera Sur Terminal Internacional Marítima

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-26-19
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-09-82

E-mail: dwm@prodigy.net.mx
Web: www.divewithmartin.com


Diving Adventures

Calle 5 sur entre Rafael E. Melgar

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-30-09

E-mail: sales@divingadventures.net

Web: www.divingadventures.net

Dressel Divers - Rep: Jeremy Vatinel

Carr. Sur km.17 No.782 Int. Hotel Iberostar

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-99-00, ext.1707

E-mail: jeremyvat@hotmail.com

Web: www.dresselsalesainfonegocio.com


Eagle Ray Divers

Caleta Marina

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-57-35

Fax 011-52-987-87-2-72-95

E-mail: chellie@eagledivers.com
Web: www.eagledivers.com


Manta Ray Divers ? Rep: Fernando Gonzales Aldana

Calle 10 sur entre 1ª y Adolfo R. Salas

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-06-84

Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-75-60

E-mail: fernando@mantaraya.com
Web: www.mantaraya.com


Ocean Tours

Playa santa pilar km 4.5 int. Hotel Cozumeleño zona hotelera nor te

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-13-79
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-13-79

E-mail: ocean@usa.net

Web: www.cozumel-diving.net/oceantur/


Pascual Scuba Center

Calle 10 sur entre 1ª y Adolfo R. Salas

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-54-54

E-mail: krist@pascualscuba.com
Web: www.pascualscuba.com


Pepe Scuba
Km. 25 Carretera Costera Nte. Interior Hotel Coral Princes

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-32-00
Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-28-00

E-mail: pepe@cozumel.net
Web: www.cozumel.net/diving/pepe


Presentaciones Submarinas
11 Ave. # 831 con 40 Ave.

Tel. 011-52-987-86-9-05-54

E-mail: info@psubmarinas.com
Web: www.psubmarinas.com


Sand Dollar Sports
65 av. Entre 4 y 6 No.216 Colonia 10 de Abril

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-61-57

Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-61-57

E-mail: sds@sandollarsports.com
Web: www.sanddollarssports.com


Scuba Du S.A. DE C.V.
Carretera Chankanaab km. 6.5 Inte Hotel Presidente

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-95-06

Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-41-30

E-mail: scubadu@cozumel.net
Web: www.scubadu.com


Sea Scuba

Avenida Juarez Sin Número, Entre 10 Y 15 Avenidas

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-57-44

Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-37-78

E-mail: seascuba@prodigy.net.mx

Web: www.cozumel-diving.net/seascuba/


Yucatech Divers
15 Avenida Sur #144 Local A. Entre Adolpho Rosado Salas y 1ª Sur

Tel. 011-52-987-87-2-56-59

Fax: 011-52-987-87-2-14-17

E-mail: yucatech@prodigy.net.mx

Web: www.yucatech.net

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