Museum of the Island
Cozumel, Mexico

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Museum of the Island
Cozumel, Mexico

Located in downtown San Miguel, the Museum of the Island uses 4 exhibit halls with dioramas, sculptures, charts, traveling exhibits and interactive demonstrations to highlight Cozumel’s history and natural environment.

The displays cover Cozumel’s origins,  reefs, archaeology, Spanish galleons and pirates. Guides speak English, Spanish and Maya.

The Museum of the Island includes a second-story casual restaurant with good views of the Caribbean.  

Vital Statistics
Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. every day.
Facilities: bilingual guides; bookstore; library; restaurant; Internet; restrooms
Entrance fee US$3. Free entrance for children under 8.
Location: on Cozumel’s main street, 3 blocks from the Ferry pier.
Web: Island Museum

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