Punta Sur Eco Park

This south end park is one of my Cozumel favorites

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Punta Sur Eco Park

Punta Sur Eco Park, also called the Faro Celerain Eco Park, not only is Cozumel’s largest park but a thriving nature reserve with a varied landscape of mangrove jungles, white sand beaches and reef.

Located at Cozumel’s southern end, the park encompasses some 2,500 acres of land. Living here are iguana and 22 species of birds.  Between June and August, sea turtles stake their claim to higher parts of the gorgeous white beaches as they deposit their eggs well above the high tide mark.  

Among the park's most interesting features Faro Celerain, an old lighthouse housing a museum explaining the evolution of seamanship and navigation from the time of the Maya to today. Using photos and other articles belonging to several generations of lighthouse keepers and their families,  the museum also displays everyday life in Cozumel during the first part of the 20th century through.

Not far from the lighthouse, El Caracol is a well-preserved ancient structure, used by the Mayas to signal the approach of a hurricane. A tall look-out tower beside Laguna Colombia is excellent not only for birdwatching but searching for salt water crocodiles. 

Tours regularly visit the look-out tower and the boardwalk leading to it. If you spot a crocodile and want to see it closer, slap the side of the pier with an open palm and speak loudly. You may see the crocodile suddenly heading your way.

Obviously, someone feeds the reptiles or they wouldn’t be so responsive.

What you need to know
Open daily 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Admission US$12 adult; child 3-11, US$6
Location South end of the island 15 miles, a 20 min car ride from the cruise ship pier.
More info at Punta Sur Eco Park website

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