Disney Cruise Lines Activities By Age Groups
Yes, as they say, they have them for all ages

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Disney Cruise Activities for Different Age Groups

The Disney ships, Wonder and Magic, cater to 5 five different age groups. Parents can send off their older kids without worry since they'll have pagers and their children can contact them at any time.

Flounder's Reef Nursery: For infants and toddlers, the nursery has Little Mermaid-themed bubble murals and toys.


The Oceaneer Club breaks kids down into two age groups.

Ages 3-4: Since the TV show hasn't been on recently this first activity may mean more to the parents --children can participate in Mouseketeer Training, with Mickey Mouse himself supervising the results. Kids also can look for the hidden Genie in Aladdin's Fun Adventures or danced with Snow White as she teaches them to "Do Si Do." Nemo's Coral Reef Adventure has children to join Nemo on a magical journey throughout the ocean.

Ages 5-7: Animation Antics teaches how to draw favorite Disney characters or make up new ones. In So You Want to be a Pirate, kids learn about pirate history and make their own ?Jolly Roger? flags. Captain Hook himself inspects the flags.


The Oceaneer Lab:


Ages 8-9: Kids perform remarkable feats of strength using basic physics to immobilize others with one finger, remove a tablecloth from a dinner table without disturbing dishes in the Hercules' Feats of Strength program. In Goofy's Files, Goofy's Gum Shoe Investigators take youngsters into the world of forensics to learn how to identify people by viewing hair, clothing fibers, fingerprints and handwriting samples.


Ages 10-12: Kids create their own animation cell at Animation, ?So That's How They Did It!?

At Science Sorcery, they discover oddities like solid liquids, witness unusual demonstrations such as vinegar and baking soda eruptions and make their own batch of ?goo.?


The Stack & Aloft, for teens: At night, teens can dance and enjoy music at Funnel Fusion Dance Party at the Stack or test their knowledge at Mix & Match.


For Adults: Grown-ups have their own entertainment programs, too, aboard the 7-day Disney Magic cruises. They include:


Disney's Navigator Series: Mysteries of the sea, legends and traditions of ocean travel, pirates, treasures, exotic islands and classic ocean liners. Bridge officers demonstrate navigational techniques and customs


Disney's Art of Entertaining: ?Be Our Guest? is the theme as chefs and other experts create fanciful desserts, floral decorations and table settings.

Disney Behind-the-Scenes!: Everything from a sneak peek behind the curtain of the Walt Disney Theatre to meetings with guest presenters from Broadway, film & television.

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