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On March 23, 2005, authorities on Nevis prevented a gay and nudist cruise from stopping at the island, saying the passengers would offend local customs.

A police patrol boat stopped the Windjammer Barefoot Cruises ship S.V. Polynesia, a 248-foot four-mast schooner, carrying 110 passengers as it approached Charlestown

According to Malcolm Guishard, Minister of Tourism for Nevis, when port authority, customs and immigration officials boarded the ship for routine clearance they discovered most passengers were nude.

Guishard said the decision to keep the ship from landing was after the authorities failed to receive reasonable assurance that the passengers passengers would respect local laws and standards of public decency.

On Nevis (and St. Kitts), public nudity is prohibited by law.

Guishard explained, "If this ship had been chartered by a heterosexual clothing-optional group, our decision would have been exactly the same."

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