Caribbean Cruise Shore Excursions

Before departure, find out what tours your ship offers and their cost.

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Caribbean Cruise Shore Excursions
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The real question is not whether you'll be taking shore excursions but how you'll do them: through the ship's excursion office or on your own.

Planning what to do ashore and how you'll see different ports is one of the best ways to build enthusiasm for your cruise.

Although some people will rarely leave your ship, seeing new places and experiencing new things are two of the most important reasons for traveling.

Cruise lines urge you to get out and about by offering shore excursions for each port.

This is not just a service but another way for them to make money.

Shore excursions average between US$30-US$70 for a short bus tour and more than US$100 for longer, more involved trips. (Price compare these shore excursions, not affiliated with any cruise line.)

Planning Tips

Decide exactly what you want to do/see on each island. If it's mostly beaching and shopping, you can do that cheaper on your own. Stores almost always are within walking distance of the dock.

Split the cost of a cab ride to the beach with others you meet on the ship. There will be plenty of cabs at the dock to take you anywhere. Count on it.

For other activities, investigate the shore excursions offered online. Most cruise lines have them posted. See what the tours cost , how long they last and how much time is allotted for each activity.

Full day tours normally include lunch and snacks.

Some tours will be scheduled for half a day yet your ship may be in port for 10 hours.

In putting together your itinerary, be sure to read all you can before departing.

Every island is different. See what makes it unique. GuidetoCaribbeanVacations.com (GTCV.com, for short) is designed to show you the highlights of each.

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