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Dress Code

Azamara Club Cruises encourages guests to follow a “resort casual” dress code. This means bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps, bathing suits, shorts and jeans are not allowed in the dining room or specialty restaurants. When dining at Windows Café, guests must wear footwear and a cover-up or shirt.

Formal evening wear is not expected nor required in the restaurants. If you prefer to dress more formally, you are welcome to do so. Note that tuxedo rentals are not available onboard.

 Recommended Attire

 • For women: sportswear, casual dresses, skirts, pants and capris, blouses and knit tops. Light fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, and wool gabardine are always appropriate.
 • For men: sportswear, collared golf and polo shirts, shorts, pants, and a sport coat if desired (not required). Light fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, and wool gabardine are best.
 • For everyone: Be sure to pack a sweater and a lightweight wind breaker for cooler mornings and evenings. And don't forget your workout clothes! You will also need a pair of sneakers or rubber-soled shoes for deck sports, and a swimsuit and cover-up. You may also want to pack more conservative day/port wear for onshore excursions. This clothing should be culturally appropriate for museums, restaurants and religious sites.

Packing Tips

 • It is recommend that you limit larger luggage to one or two pieces.
 • Bring a small overnight bag for your last night at sea. Staff will collect your luggage the night before you leave the ship, and you will need this overnight bag to carry your night clothes and toiletries.
 • Insure all luggage and valuables. Azamara Club Cruises is not responsible for their loss or damage. Baggage protection, as well as a variety of other coverages designed to protect you during your cruise vacation, are offered through Cruisecare Vacation Protection.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning
Azamara ships include a self-service laundry room, free of charge and open to all guests. Detergent is provided. Full laundry and dry-cleaning services are also available for a charge.

What not to Pack

 • Firearms & ammunition, including realistic replicas
• Sharp objects, including knives and scissors (Personal grooming items such as safety razors and scissors with blades than 4 inches are allowed)
 • Illegal drugs & substances
 • Candles & incense
 • Coffee makers, clothes irons, & hot plates
 • Baseball bats, hockey sticks, cricket bats, bows & arrows
 • Skateboards & surfboards
 • Martial arts gear
 • Self-defense Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks
 • Flammable liquids and explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks
• HAM radios
 • Dangerous chemicals, including bleach and paint

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