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Parking Information
Port Canaveral, FL

Parking at Port Canaveral's cruise terminals is paved, gated and under 24-hour surveillance. Passengers at Cruise Terminal 10 can choose between an outdoor parking area and a six-level parking garage.

Parking Fees

Based on cruise length: 3-day, $60; 4-day, $75; 5-day, $90, and 7-day, $120 for vehicles up to 20 feet in length. For vehicles longer than 20 feet, the rates are $104, $130, $156 and $208 respectively. 

For preferred parking at Cruise Terminal 8 located next to the terminal, the rate is $20 more than the standard parking rates.

The total fee the vehicle will be parked is due on entry. Parking charges can be paid with cash, Visa, Mastercard and Traveler's Checks issued in U.S. dollars. (Latest info)

Parking for the Disabled

Special parking spaces are provided. The parking fee is waived for vehicles that:
1. Have special equipment such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls; or
2. Display the Florida Toll Exemption permit. (Call 800-983-2435 ext. 2 to apply for an exemption form.)

Short-term Parking

Limited free parking is available in Daytime Only parking lots at each cruise terminal for those having business at the terminal or aboard the ship during the hours the ship is docked at the terminal. No overnight parking is permitted in these areas without the express permission of the Canaveral Port Authority.

Short Term parking is free for the first hour
1-2 hours is $2.
2-4 hours is $4.
4-6 hours is $6.
6-12 hours is $8.
Anything over 8 hours is $20 per day

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