Christoffel National Park

Join a guided walk for a glimpse of the rare Curacao deer.

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Christoffel National Park

Christoffel National Park is located in the northwest part of the island, on the road to Westpunt. The park is open daily. See the current operating hours and fees here. Admission to the mountain ends several hours before the closing time. Come early if you want to explore the place.

Guided tours are possible; special walks at dawn and dusk occasionally offered, including an excursion to see the rare Curacao deer. To make reservations for safari trips and other tours, check here.

Opened to the public in 1978, Christoffel park consists of 3 former plantations: Savonet, Zorgvlied and Zevenbergen.

The Savonet plantation starts at the park entrance. This is a land of cactus that grows to 10 feet tall and 236 bird species. The following descriptions are of the longer trails through the plantations. They are often driven but easily walked. Refer to the accompanying map for the shorter hiking trails that lead off from these main routes.

In all, there are 8 different hikes in the park including some near the water. One trail offers the possibility to view deer, another to see orchids. Our descriptions are of the longer hikes.

Mount Christoffel Climb . . .Scale the park's namesake. Clouds rarely obscure the view here.

The Savonet Hike . . .Most people drive this 6-mile long trail, which takes 3 hours to walk.

The Zorgvlied Hike . . .Two trails, 1 long, 1 short, all in the open sun.

The Zevenbergen Hike . . .Some scenic views along this hot, dusty trail.

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