Curacao Beaches Part 2

Curacao Beaches Part 2

The beaches may be small, but no two are the same.

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Curacao Beaches Part 2

These beaches are located at Curacao's remote southwestern tip. Here is a link to a Google Map showing locations.

Playa Forti

Stop here (also sometimes called Sweet Alice) for a wonderfully panoramic view of the coast dotted with anchored fishing boats. Parking is on a high cliff above the beach; a steep ramp and steps provide access down.

This can be one of the more sparsely populated beaches because the sand is brown and coarse with small pebbles and there is absolutely no shade. However, the snack bars and restaurant at the parking area are all good and you won't find a more sweeping view anywhere.

Playa Abou

The large cove at Playa Abou (also called Playa Grandi or Big Beach) is one of Curaçao's most popular strands. A stairway and ramp lead down to the beach which has a better grade of sand than Playa Forti. A large snack bar at the parking lot for drinks and snacks. Pergolas (thatched shade umbrellas on a wooden post) keep the beach from becoming a scorcher.

Playa Kneppa

Near Playa Abou is the smaller Playa Kenepa, considered one of Curaçao's prettiest beaches. This partially tree-shaded beach also is a good spot for shore diving if you don't mind the 10-minute swim to the reef where visibility typically runs about a hundred feet. This can be a good place to spot sea turtles. A snack bar is open on weekends, and the beach is camped a lot during holidays


A narrow picturesque cove, Jeremi has few amenities. Local fishing boats often pull up here, which adds a nice scenic touch. The water is normally calm and boat traffic sparse, so snorkeling at both ends of the cove is safe. The reef is just a 5-minute swim from shore. The right (northwest) side is the preferred, and you can expect to see big mountains of star corals and hoards of reef fish.

Playa Lagun

The narrow cove at Playa Lagun is an excellent family beach thanks to its calm, shallow water. Fish are amazingly abundant, even in the shallows, so this is a prime snorkeling spot. Local fishing boats typically group here and the snack bar opens on weekends, which are often busy.

Grote Knip

This fine beach probably is the most photographed. Food stands in the area specialize in banana bread and smoothies

Santa Cruz

The wide sands of Santa Cruz are punctuated with tall palm trees, and several shade structures offer added sun protection. If you happen to be here early or late, the inland lagoon behind the beach can be an excellent spot for bird watching. On weekends, when the snack bar and restrooms are open, the beach sometimes big campground with lots of partying.

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