Best Caribbean Animal and Bird Viewing Part 2
Birding is exceptional in many places, particularly Trinidad.

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Best Caribbean Animal Encounters
and Wildlife Viewing Part 2

Certified divers in the Turks & Caicos during a January or February, you might also be lucky enough to see (and perhaps even swim with) migrating humpback whales.

For a surer thing, watch humpback whales which migrate to the waters of the Dominican Republic and the Samana Peninsula every year between late January and late March.

Dominica has various species of resident whales year-round.

Birds are everywhere throughout the islands, but they're often fly-speck size, at a far distance.Not at Trinidad 's Asa Wright Nature Preserve is the Caribbean 's premier place for viewing a tremendous variety of bird species, many from nearby South America.

You can relax on Asa Wright's large front porch and watch the hummingbirds surround the bird feeders out front, or go searching on your own along any of the 9 walking trails.

Trinidad also is home to the beautiful scarlet ibis which nest in the huge mangrove swamp of the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. You're not allowed to approach the brilliantly-colored birds too closely once they settle for the night; bring high-powered binoculars.

Pink flamingoes are a certainty at the salt pans on Bonaire and some of the ponds around the island. Boobies and frigates are always found around Little Cayman 's pond preserve.

St. Lucia's Fregate Islands and Maria Islands Nature Preserves also offer excellent chances to see rare birds and other critters.

The one sure-fire animal encounter that's unmatched anywhere for sheer spectacle is the annual green sea turtle nesting at Tortuguero, Costa Rica, from July to September.

Tortuguero allows you to view endangered creatures of several hundred pounds roaming freely--and you never have to worry about being eaten for lunch.

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