Why the Caribbean

Is a Bargain

Most island currencies are pegged to the ailing US dollar, but the euro is at record highs.

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Why the Caribbean is a Bargain

The dollar
doesn't always do well against many other currencies, especially the euro

What this means:

For Americans, it's a lot more expensive to vacation in Europe and elsewhere. But prices in the Caribbean are the same because most Caribbean currencies are pegged to the dollar in some way.  The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (or EC, as it's called) remains around EC2.75 for US$1. One Cayman dollar (1$CI=US$1.22) is actually worth more than a dollar, a rarity.

But for Europeans, a Caribbean vacation is an even better bargain because the euro is almost worth more than the U.S. dollar, making the Caribbean a good deal.

Although air fares may not have changed much, but Europeans should consider hotel room costs, meals, tours, etc. The Caribbean has never been cheaper!

Of course this situation won't last. The value of currencies constantly change.

If you've ever considered a Caribbean vacation, the time is now.

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