Bense Heights Trail
See parrots and mature rain forest.

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Length: 2 miles to Ti Branches. Time: 1 hour, unless you decide to continue another 3-4 hours up to Morne Turner.

Difficulty: 1-2 to Ti Branches; 3-4 to Morne Turner. Trailhead: In northeast Dominica just beyond the village of Anse de Mai, take the road off to the right to the village of Bense. The hike is the next 2 miles of rough road that follows the ridge south to Ti Branches.

Not only does this walk offer an excellent chance to see red-necked parrots, the views across the rain forest are among the island's best. The mature rain forest you see is what covers Morne Diablotin, Dominica's highest peak.

About half-way a short track to the left leads to the Hampstead River with deep rock pools for swimming.

At Ti Branches, a path just over the crest of the hill follows the Hampstead Ridge to Morne Turner (2,341 feet).

A guide is advised if you want to tackle this 3-4 hour route. It starts out easy but becomes tough and it's not always well marked.

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