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Don't miss the bus crushed by a baobab tree. That's hurricane power.

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Located in Roseau, these were reputed to be some of the most beautiful grounds in the Caribbean until 1979's Hurricane David, which did considerable damage.

Situated below the Morne Bruce Hill, the 40-acre tract is the largest semi-open space in the capital city of Roseau ; it served as a popular cricket ground in the 1960s and 70s.

Although just 68 feet above sea level, the gardens receive more than eighty-five inches of rain annually, making them an ideal site for growing a wide variety of tropical plants.

Originally a sugar cane field, the ornamental planting began in 1890 and was beautifully landscaped with a fountain, iron gates, ponds and 500 species of exotic and indigenous shrubs and trees.

The most interesting site displays the remains of a large yellow bus crushed beneath a massive baobab tree, an ever-present reminder of Hurricane David's devastation. The Forestry and Wildlife Division here offers "A Guide to Selected Trees and Shrubs" to help identify plants.

An aviary contains 2 species of parrots, the imperial and red-necked. The aviary is part of a captive breeding program to increase the number of parrots in the wild.

Jack's Walk, which leaves from the gardens, will take you up Morne Bruce for a panoramic view of Roseau.

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