World Creole Music Festival 2005

Dominica claims the region's only truly indigenous musical event.

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World Creole Music Festival 2005

Echoing rhythms of la po kabwit (goat skin) steel drums began mixing with the sounds of lively modern horns when the Dominica World Creole Music Festival began in 1997.

Created by the Dominica Festivals Commission to promote Creole songs and styles as a major musical art form, the festival features 3 consecutive nights of live music that showcase Creole music genres including Kompas, Zouk, Bouyon, Zydeco, Cadence, Reggae and Soukous.

The 2005 Festival is scheduled for October 28-30 at Pottersville Savannah in Roseau. Nightly admission is US$38 (EC$95); 3-night ticket is US$80 (EC$200).

Oct. 28 Performers: Jamaican artist Sizzla, who has released 11 albums in the past 5 years; Dominica's own WCK, original creators of Bouyon music; and Djakout Mizik, a Kompa music band from Haiti. Other performances will include Ban'Biyo from Guadeloupe and Cool Session Brass from the USVI.

Oct. 29 Performers: Kassav from Guadeloupe, the world-famous creators of Zouk music; Ti Kabzy, a band from Haiti; Michele Henderson, native of Dominica and winner of two FAME (Foundation for Artists Musicians and Entertainers) Awards; Liquid Ice, a Dominican nostalgia band that will release a new album later, Lèvè Ensemble; and the group Palenque Son Karibe from Venezuela, which performs Calypso, Merengue and Boleros.

Oct. 30 Performers: include Xtatik from Trinidad & Tobago, winners of numerous awards including the New York Sunshine Award (1998 & 1999), Ft. Lauderdale Reggae & Soca Music Awards (1998) and the T&T Music Awards (1999); Singer/Producer Monique Seka, "Queen of Afro-Zouk? who performs Salsa, Mandingo and Mapouka; and Patrick St. Eloi from Guadeloupe, internationally recognized by the Guadeloupe Sacem, Guadeloupe Arts Centre, Paris Sacem, and Martinique Sacem. Other performers will include Nu-Look and Midnight Groovers.

Information about other activities is sparse. Last year included a ?Creole in the Park,? a music, food and Creole fair at the Botanical Gardens in Roseau.

And "Zouk on the River,? a matinee show held on the banks of the Layou River, Dominica's longest river. 

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