Simpa Heights Trail
Yet another good chance to see parrots and mature rain forest.

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Length: 2.5 miles. Time: 2.5-3 hours each way. Difficulty: 2-3.

Trailhead: On the northeast coast, go inland to the village of Woodford Hill, just north of the Melville Hall Airport. Follow the feeder road for 3.5 miles through coconut and banana plantations to the edge of the Forest Reserve. Just before the track reaches the crest of a hill, take the right fork into the Forest Reserve and a small parking area.

This walk moves through a closed canopy of mature rain forest on the flanks of Morne Diablotin. The ridge dips and rises except in a few steep places as you pass huge gommye, chatannye and baw dyab.

The higher you go the better your chance to see or hear both the imperial and red-necked parrots. After about 2.5 hours you'll come to a rare opening in the canopy with views of the Hampstead Valley.

From this point the trail becomes difficult to follow and, unless you have a guide, it's time to turn back.

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