Trafalgar Falls
Impressive falls that are easy to reach.

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Time: Only a 15-minute walk from the parking lot to an observation platform near the base of the falls. It's another 10 to 15 minute scramble over the slick boulders to the reach the pool at the base, where you can swim.

Difficulty: 1-2. Because of the easy access, this is a popular outing for cruise ship passengers.

Trailhead: About 6 miles from Roseau . Take the Valley Road from Roseau to Laudat, turning right above the village of Fond Cani and going through the village of Trafalgar. Go for another mile to the hydro-electric plant next to the Papillote Guest House.

Trafalgar is actually the site of two falls (the ?father? and the ?mother?) between 180 and 200 feet high that converge in rocky pools.

The falls, particularly the taller one ?father,? was impacted by a rockslide in 1995. An unusual feature is the hot water springs coming from the base of the taller falls.

Anyone not in good physical shape is advised to stay at the platform because the boulders are large and slippery. A guide is also a good idea for locating the easiest route to the hot water springs.

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