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Southwest Coast Beaches

The least visited part of the Dominican Republic is the Southwest Coast, a region mostly of desert and cactus.

The area's one large lake, Lago Enriquillo, is not a place you'd want to swim even though it is salt water. The lake is not known for its fish but its remarkable landlocked crocodile population.

However, the Southwest does have 2 beaches, ones that few visitors--or Dominicans from outside the area, for that matter--ever see.

San Rafael

Located south of Barahona city, the beach at San Rafael is a favorite for locals. In addition to a strong ocean surf  breaking over a largely stony beach, there is a small mountain waterfall following into the ocean.

The water here can be a glorious blue seldom seen anywhere else. Perhaps not the best place for swimming, the gorgeous sight is worth the trouble of driving here.

Playa Pedernales

Located near the Haitian border, Playa Pedernales is near the fishing village of Pedernales. Often quiet during the day, the beach becomes busy in the afternoon as the local fishing boats return.

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