Cabarete Beach
Dominican Republic North Coast

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Cabarete Beach
Dominican Republic North Coast

On of the more westerly beaches on the Dominican Republic's north coast, Cabarete is a popular location for Caribbean adventure seekers.

One of the top 5 kiteboarding and windsurfing beaches in the world, Cabarete's beach (often called Kite Beach) annually hosts an array of international championships.

On any given day, visitors to the area will see the sky filled with hundreds of colorful kites carrying amateur and pro riders through the surf.

Cabarete offers more than just kiteboarding and windsurfing, however. Adventure sports enthusiasts come here for mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting and the like offered by eco-tour operator Iguana Mama.

Given Cabarete's popularity with the younger set, it's no wonder that the town features nightlife as varied as its daytime activities. Carretera 5, the town's main road, is jam packed with bars and dance clubs, many of which feature live music.

Cabarete has a wide variety of restaurants, many of them reasonably priced and within walking distance of the town center. So, rather than stay in an all inclusive, choose a smaller resort like Villa Taina and feel free to explore on your own.

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