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Casinos in the Dominican Republic (DR) are located in all the major destinations. Most casinos are located within major resort complexes and are open until dawn, if not 24 hours.

Winnings are paid in the currency you gamble with and cannot be converted (US dollars to US dollars and DR pesos to DR pesos).

So, once you're winning use US dollars unless you have a way to spend all your peso winnings to pay off your vacation.

Tip: But if you're not playing well but still want to keep playing. In this situation switch to pesos because casinos have lower minimum bets for games played with pesos.

DR casinos use Las Vegas odds, which means the casino’s profits and player winnings are somewhat the same and relatively fair.

To encourage ready access to funds in either dollars or pesos, many casinos conveniently have ATM's located in prominent places, will usually cash traveler’s cheques and may charge playing chips to your credit card.

Don’t bother tipping dealers. The Casino owners keep most of the tips, with pooled funds only occasionally shared with dealers. No special favors here.


Avoid Keno and Super Keno in Dominican casinos, which is different from Las Vegas. In the DR, odds at Keno are horrendously against you.

Instead of the usual Keno ticket with 80 numbers and where you select 20 numbers you hope will be called, in the DR the game involves a marked felt table and bingo-like balls in a glass case. The balls are selected from the case by the player at US$5 a pop.

Where the house edge may be as low as 1% in some games, in Dominican Keno the house edge is between 25 and 40%.

Casinos by Region

The list of DR casinos is unusually long, so they're broken up according to region.

This is by now means a complete list, only some of the more popular and better known.

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