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Many hikers use a pack mule to carry their supplies.

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Most Caribbean hikes are walks of only a few hours. You have few chances to undertake a major expedition anywhere, which makes the Pico Duarte climb so special.

The hike is a major undertaking that requires careful planning and coordination. You can't just put on some sandals and head out.

Following are the items you'll need. How much you have to gather and pack depends on whether you're hiking on your own or joining a guided hike where the outfitter takes care of the major essentials.

Food: You'll need to bring everything with you since there are no grocery stores in the small villages marking the various trailheads.

Water: Carry at least 2 water bottles on each day's walk. Water is available in some places but always use a filter.

Hiking Boots: Not tennis shoes but the real thing. You'll need good ankle support and traction on this often muddy trail.

Camp Shoes/Slippers: Get out of your hiking boots and walk around camp in something comfortable.

Rain Gear: Come prepared because the odds are you'll get wet at some point.

Sunscreen, Lip Block and Sunglasses: You need these anywhere in the Caribbean but particularly at high altitude.

Hat: To keep the sun and rain off your face.

Day Pack with insect repellent, camera and film, toilet paper and snacks. Your rain gear and water bottles should be stored in the day pack or add a Fanny Pack to carry some of the items.


Short & Long Pants; Short & Long Sleeve Shirts: Enough clothing including underwear and socks to last the trip.

Sleepwear: Especially if you plan on staying in the cabins, because there will be lots of other people around.

Sleeping Bag: Some outfitters rent them.

Swimsuit, Small Towel


Duct (gray) Tape: Indispensable and always good for something.

Sweater or Jacket: It's chilly at La Comparticion, the Caribbean 's highest campsite. In winter, the temperature has dropped as low as 18 degrees. Frost is common in December and January.

Garbage Bags: To pack clothes in so they don't get wet. On a guided hike, you won't have access to your gear from the time you break camp and until it's set up again.

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