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Playa Sosua
Dominican North Coast Beaches

Located on a crescent-shaped bay east of Playa Dorada, Playa Sosua is an usually picturesque beach thanks to the wall of tall cliffs towering in the background.

Sosua's bay is punctuated with white sand beaches interrupted by large rock formations and bordered by calm, clear and striking turquoise-colored waters.

Not too surprisingly, Playa Sosua attracts crowds of people as one of the DR's most popular beaches.

Like any good beach town, Sosua has plenty to do with bars, restaurants and shops lining its streets and watersports like snorkeling, glass botom boat tours and more. Budy though it often is, Sosua still retains much of its small town charm.

Playa Sosua hotels are a mix of all-inclusives and luxury boutiques.

Suggestions and Tips: Victorian House, a former plantation home built by the United Fruit Company, has been turned into a small hotel with rooms overlooking Sosua's turquoise bay.

The Sea Horse Ranch is a luxurious 250-acre oceanfront resort with villas, an equestrian center with a golf course and spa on the way.

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