Salto Del Limon
Waterfall Trek

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Salto Del Limon
Waterfall Trek

At 150 feet high, Salto Del Limón is one of the Dominican Republic’s tallest waterfalls, a truly impressive sight as the water cascades into a pool that has become a popular swimming hole for locals and tourists alike.

You have 2 choices on how to visit El Limon.  One is by taking a 45-minute horseback ride through the countryside to reach the top of the falls, followed by a 10-15 minute walk down a series of steps to the bottom of the falls and the pool area.

Just remember, who goes down must come up. It’s a good little trek back to the top. Trekking is the other way to reach the top of the falls.

However you arrive there, be sure to pay attention to the guides who perform their daring cliff diving antics. 

See the falls and a cliff diver in action with this YouTube video.

If you’d prefer not to travel with a large group, consider popular local guide Terri Bandi.  

A recently discovered waterfall (“salto”) near El Valle is the 65-foot tall (19.8 meter) Zumbador (hummingbird) Waterfall. The base of the falls is unusually scenic, surrounded by lush ferns,  royal palms and mahogany trees.

The 3 streams of cascading water create a large pool for swimmers. Tourist access still is being developed.

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