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Las Terrenas Beach
Samana Peninsula

Located on the north coast of the Samana peninsula, the resort town of Las Terrenas is probably the most popular destination on the entire Samana peninsula.  

The reason is Las Terrenas beach stretching for a mile on either side of  the  town. What an incredible place Las Terrenas beach is, with its ribbon of cafe au lait sand lined with coconut palms. It's an ideal blend of sand, surf and shade.

Despite the strong breezes usually coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the water is relatively flat thanks to the barrier reef several hundred yards offshore.

It's the ideal situation for windsurfers, sunfish and small catamarans but only a few of them are on the water.`

Under the mid-day sun the light brown sand isn't as eye-squinting as white would be, so it's easier to appreciate the remarkable clarity of the water.

Beds of eelgrass growing just offshore often small schools of feeding bonefish within easy wading distance of shore.

Casual restaurants, many with outdoor dining, are plentiful here, many of which are owned by expats from Europe (especially France) and North America.

Hotel accommodations cover a wide range, from all-inclusives to more intimate boutiques properties.

For activities, Las Terrenas town has several small malls, a good variety of restaurants and discos for nighttime entertainment.

Yet delightful Las Terrenas beach is why everyone visits.

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