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Playa Las Flechas
Samana Peninsula Beaches

Playa Las Flechas, situated between Samana City and Las Galeras located at the end of Samana road, is best visited by rental car.

Playa Las Flechas, at the southeast tip of Samana Peninsula, means Beach of the Arrows. Legend says those arrows were aimed at Christopher Columbus when he landed on this strip of sand and the resident Taino Indians were not thrilled to be "discovered" by the Spanish explorers.

A battle took place here to keep the Europeans from coming ashore and the Taino were successful, as the Spanish name for the beach indicates.

About the only ones who come here are the fishermen who dry their nets and pull their boats shore.

Playa Las Flechas is close enough to Samana City that it looks out onto Cayo Levantado.

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