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Spanish and French influences dominate Dominican cooking but you'll also taste hints of India, Africa and the Caribbean.

The national dish is a tasty, very substantial soup called sancocho, a potpourri of vegetables mixed with a smorgasbord of meats such as pork, goat, beef, chicken and sausage.

The typical meal is also heavy with generous servings of white rice, red beans, stewed or fried meat, salad and fried plantains. It's all very flavorful but rarely spicy.   

Located in a beautifully restored building in Santo Domingo's old colonial city, Meson D'Bari's specialties include fresh grilled fish, a beef filet served Creole style and stewed goat, a very popular Dominican dish. Located at 302 Calle Hostos; (809) 687-4091.

You'll literally have to go underground to find the city's most popular restaurant. Serving both Dominican and international food, Meson de La Cava is built inside a cave 50 feet below the surface. Try the veal cutlets in brandy or fresh red snapper. Located at Avenida Mirador del Sur; (809) 533-2818.

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