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Caribbean Islands With
The Most Protected Areas

How the islands compare in terms of protected areas.

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Caribbean Islands With
The Most Protected Areas


The following percentages are from data provided by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History web site and based on the amount of territory covered by national parks, nature reserves, national forests and other measures.

However, nature reserves supply complete protection while national forests allow timbering and pastureland. Top-ranked Martinique, for instance, permits tourism, farming and normal economic activity within its regional nature park.

The degree of enforcement also varies from island to island. So, if the figures don't reveal the whole story, they speak a great deal about intent.


Percent of Land Protected

Martinique 62%

Dominica 39%

U.S. Virgin Islands 32%

Costa Rica 27%

Bonaire 20%

Aruba 18%

Cuba 18%

Dominican Republic 13%

St. Lucia 12%

Puerto Rico 8%

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