Marquis River Waterfall,

Another easy walk to a very scenic waterfall.

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Time: 30 minutes each way. Difficulty: 1-2. Trailhead: The Marquis River from the southern main road, just south of the town of Marquis in St. David's parish.

This 30-minute walk up the river to the waterfall is a scenic one. Lots of fruit trees and agriculture along the way, very little of the original dry forest. However, the vegetation near the falls is mature because the constant mist waters it.

The town of Marquis itself is also worth a visit. It is the island's traditional handicraft center where villagers use straw to make table mats, slippers, baskets, hats and more.

Most of the men are farmers or fishermen, but it is their job to collect the wild pine, the main material used by the women and children for weaving the various items.

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