River Sallee Boiling Springs

Yet more evidence of Grenada's volcanic heritage.

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River Sallee Boiling Springs

The River Sallee boiling springs are located in Grenada's northeast section, about 1.5 miles north of the Lake Antoine volcano and south of Levera National Park in St. Patrick's Parish. Most visitors stop here as part of an island tour.

Located in the River Sallee area are six boiling springs with a water temperature of 95 degrees F (35 degrees C). They are concentrated in 594 square meters of land where the surface is composed of soft porous volcanic sediments.

The largest hole, which contains muddy brown water, is 15 feet (5 meters) in circumference and about 6 feet (2 meters) deep. The other, smaller holes are filled with clear, salty water, yet this place is more than a mile from the sea. Orange-yellow sulphur deposits occur in the runoff channels.

These boiling springs have a traditional religious significance for area Baptists who perform baptisms and other rituals here. Other visitors toss in coins and make a wish. And take pictures.

Some of the holes have been enlarged enough for people to take a dip in them for to test the rumored healing powers of the sulphur springs.

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