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In deciding whether to go on, remember, too, heavy rains occur suddenly at this altitude; real gully-washers that make the rivers swell dangerously, especially in the gorges.

If you do proceed, about 15 minutes later you should reach another tributary on the right bank, the Ravine Madame Toussaint. It descends in small cascades and joins the Galion.

If the current is weak, you can continue by the river; scaling two small cascades with a two-meter drop. The first cascade is right after the confluence where the Galion makes a bend. The second is about 15 minutes farther on, but it can be skirted thanks to a pathway on the left bank.

There is an alternative to wading if the current is strong; you can climb the rocky wall on the left, just after the confluence of Madame Toussaint Ravine and a little before the small basin after the cascade.

After passing through a tiny ravine, you will go into the forest on the trail farthest to the right. In about 15 minutes you'll come out a little upstream from the second cascade, on an overhang.

Cross the river and follow the trail on the left bank. After a five-minute walk through some beautiful trees, you'll see the Galion again near a cascade that is more impressive than the previous ones.

At the bottom of this cascade (four meters high) the water pours into a slit after being slowed by two bathtub-like wells, then plunges six meters into a large basin. This narrow gorge and fine green moss covering certain rocks makes a splendid photograph.

Pass on either side of the cascade, proceeding along the river bed. Take the trail on the right to reach La Parabole, a beautiful waterfall of about 10 meters, which tumbles into an arena with walls tinted ocher, red, and black.

If you haven't taken a (involuntary) plunge into the water, you might want to do it now. Return by the same route.

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