Cangrejal River Rafting
The Cangrejal River near La Cieba offers a long ride in the rainy season

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Cangrejal River Rapids

Considered one of Central America's top whitewater rivers, the Cangrejal is located only 45 minutes from the the city of La Cieba on Honduras' Caribbean coast.

Boasting rapids from Class II to V, the Cangrejal River originates in Pico Bonito National Park.

Even at the beginning of the summer rainy season you can expect to encounter Class III and IV rapids.

Although the Cangrejal is 20 miles long, its big drops limit safe rafting to just 4.5km, only about a two-hour run. Still, it's a fine trip.

High water in October and November opens up a total of 14km of the 20-mile long river to expert whitewater kayakers only.

The Cangrejal is too narrow for guides to use oars, so you have to paddle your way through a series of rapids that include such names as Zip Lock (because it is so narrow), the Labyrinth, Los Lobos, The Gauge and Lava (because of the way it boils).

The hillsides of Pico Bonito park above the river are filled with the yellow blossoms of the San Juan trees, a fitting frame for the mighty Bejuco Falls high above the river.

The word bejuco can mean lliana (a kind of vine) or anything hanging down, something these falls do beautifully as they cascade down the mountainside.

La Moskitia Ecoaventuras located in La Ceiba offers white water rafting trips on the Cangrejal. Their staff speaks English and Spanish.

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