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La Ceiba is a developing eco-center

La Ceiba is Honduras' third largest city. With wildlife viewing, whitewater rafting, mountain hiking and Garifuna (Carib) villages are all within an hour of La Ceiba, it is quickly developing into a diverse ecocenter.

This is a new direction for La Ceiba, which historically has been the main export port for Standard Fruit (Dole brand).

Many Americans have visited La Ceiba but never seen it.  La Ceiba is the gateway for the small planes that ferry divers and snorkelers to the Bay Islands, one of the Caribbean 's most famous dive destinations.

For the majority of those visitors, the Bay Islands are Honduras since that's all they ever see, no matter how often they return.

Spending time in La Ceiba opens up a whole new Honduras, one with far more to offer than only diving and sunbathing.

The ideal thing is to blend the two locations together and spend time in both.

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