Black River
In the region of St. Elizabeth.

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Black River Hike

Jamaica's Black River hike can be a half or full day hike. The conditions can be difficult, from 3-4, depending on conditions. After rain it can be very slippery. The hike starts at the village of Maggotty .

The Black River, Jamaica 's longest river, begins underground in the Cockpit Country to the north, then emerges north of Siloah.

This is a very special area with 29 waterfalls in 2-1/2 miles. No giant cascades; the tallest is about 40 feet, the smallest around 10.

South Coast Safaris offers tours through the Lower Morass of the Black River and may offer treks to YS Falls although it advertises it uses a tractor-pulled jitney. Most of the world is turning soft but perhaps there could be a guide?

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