Bowden to Road End
Road End is not the true end of the road. British settlers (of the 1970s!) found conditions too harsh and gave up.

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Length: 2 miles. Time: 2 hours. Difficulty: 1-2. Trailhead: Past the Ambassabeth Campground at the village of Bowden, south of Millbank.

You'll be hiking the wide road built in the 1970s by former British servicemen given large tracts of land.

They planned to build a very prosperous community and this road was supposed to lead to Bath village.

It was completed less than a third of the way. The prospective settlers, finding the conditions too harsh and primitive, departed.

The grassy road with its tall tree ferns takes you past Three Finger Jack spring, Quako River, waterfalls and swimming holes before finding the road's end at the Rio Grande River.

Thosed are enough scenic places to make you may wonder whether the project was abandoned too soon.

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