Hellshire Hills
The complete opposite of the wet John Crows.

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This dry tropical forest that gets only 30-40 inches of rain, located very close to Kingston . The tree canopy here is a low 50 feet.

Lots of cactus and what is known as macca bush, with prickles and thorns.

The Hellshire Hills house the 7- to 8-foot-long, endemic Jamaican iguana which until recently was thought to be extinct.

Rain makes the exposed limestone rock very sharp. Some local hikers half-jokingly suggest that if you hike along the coast here, you will need a new pair of shoes because of all the sharp rock.

This wilderness would take a couple of days to completely hike through, but most people are content to go in and come back out the same day.

Only one trail actually goes through the Hellshires, the other follows the coast.

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