Jack's Hill to Peter's Rock Trail
A good stretch of the legs. Especially if you don't arrange for a ride.

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Time: 2 hours one-way. Difficulty: 3. Trailhead: The Adventist Church at Jack's Hill.

Head down Jack's Hill Road , cross a small bridge and turn right. After passing a vegetable garden, turn left (uphill) and walk until you reach an old road. Turn right and follow the road up the ridge and to the left.

After about 20 minutes you'll reach a section of tall grass but the trail should be plainly visible. It's going to get steep fast so you may consider a couple of rest stops.

An hour later you'll make a strenuous hike up a ledge to Peter's Rock, elevation 2,894 feet. The rock is distinctive for its pyramid frame and stone foundation.

From the rock you should be able to see the village of Woodford, where you can arrange to be picked up. If not, begin the return walk or continue on to Hollywell Recreational Area.   

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