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Jamaica makes it easy. And with so many all inclusives, no wonder this is
a top wedding destination.

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A 24-hour residency requirement which is easy to provide with your stamped passport, airline ticket or immigration card.

Required Documents

a) Proof of citizenship with certified copy of birth certificate that includes father's name.

b) Written notarized consent from parents for anyone under 21.

c) If there has been a previous divorce, a certified copy or the original Certificate of Divorce must be provided.

d) In event of the death of a previous spouse, a notarized copy of the death certificate is required.

e) In the case of adoption, a notarized copy of the adoption papers showing the name change must be provided.

f) A notarized or legal translation of documents into English when originals are in another language

g) No blood test is required.

h) Jamaican law requires weddings must be performed before 6 p.m., which makes it important to time a sunset wedding perfectly.

i) A copy of the marriage certificate is provided by the marriage officer following the wedding ceremony. by the marriage officer.

j) Within 8 weeks of the ceremony, 2 certified copies of the marriage certificate will be sent to you.

Wedding Consultants

Most hotels have a staff specializing in wedding planning. They handle all the legal arrangements for a small fee, which is a bargain compared to worrying over details they are accustomed to.

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