Nanny Town Overnight Hike

Nanny was a neat lady, as long as you weren't British.

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Length: Estimates vary from 10 to 15 miles. Time: 1 day each way. Difficulty: 4-5. Trailhead: Millbank.

From a distance, Nanny Town looks like a bump on the ridge of the Blue Mountains. The town was destroyed by the British and their allies during the First Maroon War.

Nanny was the ?skilled chieftaness? of the Windward Maroons and Nanny Town was her stronghold.

Ghosts of Maroons killed at Nanny Town are said to haunt the site. As for Nanny, she has been declared a National Hero and goes by the charming title of ?The Right Excellent Nanny.?

This is not an easy hike. You should have a strong desire to see remote historical sites and/or to wander among spectacular forest to make the trek.

Either reason is good enough if you have the endurance.   

Ask to see Nanny's Pot, a deep basin at the foot of Chatter Falls.

?The Right Excellent Nanny? is said to have thrown British soldiers into a steaming cauldron there.

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