Negril Beach Walk
Jamaica's most famous beach has many rocky areas.

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Negril Beach Walk

Walk along the length of the 5.5- mile beach (not 7 miles as the brochures say).

Lots of interesting guest houses and hotels, large and small, so this is more of a resort walk than a genuine beach walk.

However, you'll probably be hustled and hassled like nowhere else in Jamaica, offered everything under the sun, including sex, ganja and possibly cocaine, which is imported into the island.

Fronting the western-most tip of Jamaica, you'd expect Negril to witness many spectacular sunsets and it does.

Rick's Cafe is the favorite overlook, a tamer Caribbean version of Key West 's famous sunset celebration.

The music is loud, the beer is cold and the women worth watching (veteran travelers agree that Jamaica is home to some of the world's most beautiful women).

On the road just beyond Rick's is a lighthouse noticeable from the seaside bar. If the caretaker will let you in, you'll have a wonderful view from the 100-foot-high lighthouse.

He can also show you where to climb down to the sea.

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