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Ocho Rios
Things To Do

The Ocho Rios list of things to do keeps getting longer and better.

For decades, the most popular thing to do is climb beautiful Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica's best known landmark.

Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures and its bobsled ride have raised everything to a whole new dimension

Ocho Rios offers many things to do for both cruise and hotel vacationers including:

Bobsled Adventure, the most famous part of the multi-attraction Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures perched 700 feet above Ocho Rios

Bob Marley Grave at Nine Mile, visit the mausoleum of the King of Reggae in the modest, out-of-the-way village of Nine Mile. Go by tour or drive yourself.

Diving & Snorkeling Ocho Rios is where Jamaica diving first became popular and many good reefs remain thanks to the deeper waters here.

Dolphin Cove

Dunn's River Falls The classic Ocho Rios excursion, with the chance to climb to the top of the falls. Or just enjoy their spectacular beauty. The falls have become the trademark for Ocho Rios as well as Jamaica.

Fern Gully This former river bed and now a narrow winding roadway is home to 600 different types of ferns that grow in the shadows of the deep gully, which may have helped give rise to the name Ocho Rios.

Firefly Estate located 10 km east of Oracabessa, Jamaica, was the vacation home of Sir Noel Coward, English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer. The view is magnificent!

James Bond Beach is on a small peninsula at Oracabessa Bay about 10 miles (16 km) from Ocho Rios. Home to a beach bar and occasional international concerts.

Shopping Ocho Rios

Walkerswood Jerk Spices Visit where the first jerk spices in a bottle were packaged, part of a community project. This now international enterprise sprang from a 1978 road side stand where two men sold jerk pork. Many other imitators but this still is the best!

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