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Walkerswood receives it share of fan mail, too, though not the typical kind. "We get letters stuffed with Jamaican money from people overseas who ask us to ship whatever the amount covers," Perkins says.

"And we get what I guess  you could call endorsements, such as the letter from the English gentleman ordering more jerk who said that every time he uses it he feels like a blowtorch has been put to his head."

Despite its amazing and almost overwhelming success, Walkerswood has never strayed from its original goal of advancing the local economy.

To help keep profits in the community, the company buys its peppers, scallions, tomatoes and other ingredients from 120 different area farmers. All the products are bottled on the island, though the bottles and caps have to be imported.

Most important of all, Walkerswood also functions as a co-op, with workers retaining part of the ownership.

"Our goal," says Perkins, "is for every worker to own their own home."

A full line of Walkerswood products, including its new Caribbean Kitchen cookbook, are available online at www.walkerswood.com .

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